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A southern businessman steps into a New York City cab. As the taxi takes off, a recorded seatbelt message to riders is heard from 20-year Yankees manager Joe Torre.

The rider, annoyed at the message, says, "Yankees this and Yankees that, I am sick of the dang Yankees. Last year was a total fluke. Atlanta Braves, team of the decade. Yankees suck."

The driver has pictures of his favorite Yankee on his dashboard -- and a silly picture of himself in baseball cap for his license.

The driver laughs as he drops the Southerner off in an abandoned warehouse district. The lost man, who is now a bit scared, is approached by a very large, punk transgendered woman who says in a masculine voice, "Honey, you look lost."

Although the ad agency says it used a native transgendered person from New York's meatpacking district, where the ad is shot, it is hardly a neutral portrayal. The transgendered person -- the kicker of the joke -- is menacing as is the neighborhood.

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