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Soap opera star William Christian of "All My Children" appears in this public service announcement to convey a message about the universality of love.

He asks, "Have you ever been so in love, you felt sick? You know, that butterfly-in-your-stomach queasy feeling? Can't see straight, up all night, my-brain-is-about-to-burst-right-now-if-I-can't-be-with-this-person-right-now kinda love?? Well, you know what? Some people feel just like that and they can't do anything about it. Because if they let their love show, they could lose their job, home, or worse. And you know something? That makes ME sick.

"Straight, gay, lesbian: love is love is love.ö

The spot is part of GLAAD's ôI Doö campaign, an initiative designed to promote marriage equality. The campaign combines a national competition to create a 30-second commercial television spot and public service announcements with celebrities. GLAAD will purchase airtime in targeted media markets for the contest-winning commercial spots and solicit local stations in those markets to air the celebrity public service announcements.

"Our goal is tell stories that will change the hearts and minds of Americans who are not yet convinced that marriage rights are a simple matter of equality,ö said Joan M. Garry, Executive Director of GLAAD. ôThis campaign taps into the deep level of frustration and anxiety in this country around the ongoing erosion of our civil rights. We cannot allow the Federal Marriage Amendment to slip under the radar and go un-debated. The media have a responsibility to cover this civil rights story. The æI DoÆ campaign helps GLAAD hold media responsible.ö
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