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Quiet Storm
A young man is waiting at a bus stop, when a business man walks up and stands next to him. The business man is so close that he bumps into the young man when he puts his brief case down.

Although he is talking on his cell phone, the business man sounds as if he is a radio announcer, saying things like, "Good morning and welcome. Well, what have we got for you today? Coming up after the break we've got a bunch of hot new talent in the studio. Later on in the show, we've got the news. Let's go to Sandy - she's gone!"

The young man is clearly annoyed by the business man, and grows more agitated as he chatters on. Finally, he clenches his fist as a sign that he cannot take anymore. He quickly turns to the business man, grabs his face and kisses him. While they are kissing, a message at the bottom of the screen says, "Stop the Voices."

After the young man lets go of him, the business man looks less than thrilled and says into his phone "I'll get back to you, Keith." The young man appears to be very pleased with himself.

The screen fades and the words "Xfm 104.9 London. More Music. Less Ego" appear on the screen.
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