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Four guys are crowded in front of a TV as they watch a football game. Each of them struggles not to get too close to the other or touch, with a few glares when things get too close -- such as when one fellow reaches for a potato chip behind his buddy, or two grab a soda simultaneously.

Many viewers will notice a remarkable similarity to a 2001 Heineken commercial called "The Male Bonding Incident".

But after all the posturing, when a winning play is made, the men enthusiastically hug each other, even slap another's butt.

The tagline for this double-branded ad for Lays and Pepsi (which owns Lays): "It's not whether you win or lose...It's how you watch the game."

The joke of course is on irony of the social standards American men keep: they cannot so much as touch one another -- except when it has to do with sports and winning. Despite the negative handling of the concept of homosexuality, the ad clearly makes fun of the social customs that bind straight men and raises awareness by joking about them.
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