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Two men stand in the parking lot of a Volkswagen dealership, addressing the camera. One wears a tuxedo; the other, a wedding dress.

The man in the tuxedo looks at the camera and says, "At Volkswagen, we want you to remember that buying a car is a long term commitment. Yeah, everything sounds perfect in the beginning, but you want to be sure..."

The comparison of his comments to marriage is obvious, as his bearded counterpart fidgets with the straps of his wedding dress worn over a black V-neck sweater.

The tux guy continues, "You want to know if it comes with over 50 standard features and one of the highest resale values in the market today." His "bride" then whimsically interjects, "And will it love you for years to come?" The "groom" offhandedly agrees.

At the end of the ad, the man in the dress cheerfully throws the bouquet he's been holding over his head (there's no one there), and the man in the tux nervously says, "Dude, you are freaking me out." The smile falls from the face of the "bride."

While the two men are not necessarily supposed to be gay, some will take umbrage at the play on gay marriage, which is not received well by the "groom."

This ad is one of a series, in which others also suggest the possibility that they're a couple, though in a more gay vague way.
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