Americans United to Preserve Marriage
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This ad draws attention to Oklahoma Senate candidate Brad Carson's (unclear) position on gay marriage and was created by Americans United to Preserve Marriage, a 527 organization headed by conservative Gary Bauer. (527 is an IRS code for non-profit "issue advocacy" groups organized primarily to affect elections and create candidate-specific attack advertising.)

Bauer has a long resume , heading the Family Research Council, director of the Office of Policy Development and former Domestic Policy Advisor to President Ronald Reagan, failed former Republican presidential candidate, and is now president of an organization simply called American Values.

A picture of the Washington Blade appears, accompanied by music fit for a horror movie.

"This is the Washington Blade," says a narrator. "It's a gay newspaper, and it covers gay political plans. September 5 last year it reported, 'Politicians like Brad Carson might well support our right to marry.'

"But the Blade explains, 'Gays should stay quiet about it now, or the truth might hurt Carson in Oklahoma.'

"If gay activists seem sure Brad Carson will eventually come out for gay marriage, can you be sure he won't?" This question appears onscreen, along with a picture of Carson.

"Brad Carson. A risk to your values," concludes the ad.

Carson's opponent, Republican Tom Coburn, won the Oklahoma Senate seat with 53% of the vote. Democrat Brad Carson, who declared in his own ad that he does not support gay marriage, received 41% of votes.
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