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A family sits quietly at home when the doorbell rings. Mom walks in to announce "It is him!"

Her husband gives his son sitting on the floor a look as he goes to the door to greet a handsome young man who says, "Hi! I need to talk to..." Dad interrupts him to say, "He doesn't want to talk to you."

The desperate fellow says, "But I need to talk to him." But the father will have none of it and simply replies, "Don't come back here anymore. He will not speak to you again" and closes the door.

Inside, the son asks, "So what, daddy? Is he gone?" His father nods his head grimly. Mom, sitting nearby, turns and says, "Son, you will find a boy who deserves you."

Then narration chimes in and says, "Respecting the difference is as important as wearing a condom."

This is a rare and important portrayal of a family supporting gay youth.
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