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This ad for Vancouver's science center, called Science World, begins with a group of five professionals gathering for a meeting.

"Perfect timing," announces one man when the others arrive. "You remember Annette?" he asks one of the other men in the room.

"Of course," the man replies and greets Annette with a passionate, noisy kiss.

Annette then moves to the next man: "You must be Jeffries," she says, locking lips with him as well.

The man who introduced Annette then says, "This is Linda, from Accounting." He puts his arms around her waist and kisses her, complete with loud smacking sounds. Annette and Linda then greet one another, kissing for a few moments, then holding hands and talking.

Once everyone is acquainted, two of the men catch up.

"Ted, you old dog, how's that golf game?" Without waiting for a response, the two men begin their own game of tonsil hockey.

As everyone settles into their seats, "Shaking hands spreads more germs than kissing" appears onscreen, followed by the Science World logo and the words "We can explain."

"So...Doesn't really seem like a Tuesday does it?" remarks Ted, pointing out the banality of the kisses as the ad comes to a close.
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