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Two male friends are eating at a cafeteria-style restaurant when an attractive woman sits alone at a nearby table. One of the men shyly waves at her and gets up from the table to go to the restroom, as the two exchange flirtatious glances. The woman follows him.

She approaches the urinal adjacent to the one he is using and begins to urinate. Stunned, the man looks at her in disbelief as he realizes her biological gender and flees the restroom. The man meets his friend outside and whips out a chocolate bar as he recounts the situation. The friend laughs hysterically.

The ad earns a "Negative" score of 50 because it demonstrates no sensitivity to the plight of transgendered people. It is unlikely a transsexual woman would be so bold as to use a urinal next to a man that is courting her.

His reaction to the discovery is not merely rejection. It is condemnation. The ad culminates with laughter, and the joke is hardly the scenario as much as it is the woman herself.
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