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A man impatiently drives down a rainy road, as a woman readies herself in a bride outfit.

A number of things slow down the speeding driver -- a slow moving camper, a passing train -- as he bows his head in exasperation, then yells.

He races up to the front of the church, just as the minister proclaims the famous words allowing the stoppage of a union, "...Speak now or forever hold your peace." At that moment, he runs in and both groom and bride look back at his interruption of the ceremony -- he is someone's old flame.

Though the ad shows more of the bride throughout, and the camera lingers on her at the end, some in the gay community have interpreted this ad's meaning as open. They see the possibility of the man having a pre-existing relationship with either the groom or the bride.

It is the second time Volkswagen has created a Gay Vague commercial that appears to allow a reading either way, following their well-known "Da, Da, Da" commercial about two young men who salvage a chair in their hatchback together.
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