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Billy, who has moved away from the Philippines, gets a call from Joey. Billy is a professional in a business suit and Joey appears to be a designer -- a stereotypically gay profession, though Joey is not especially effeminate.

Joey: Hello, Billy...
Billy: Joey? You call quite often.
Joey: Are you really coming home?
Billy: Guess what, I'm going to tell you something...
Joey: What?
Billy: You'll be the best man in my wedding!

Then Joey sobs as the camera pulls away -- in the background is a wedding veil over a male mannequin, perhaps indicating his own wish to be wed.

The tagline: "Try to call often."

To add intrigue to this commercial, the actor who plays Billy is a soap star there. According to a local viewer, the actor was interviewed recently and he said that he was still single and if he does get into a relationship he hopes
to find a girl who would "accept him" for who he is -- which some have interpreted to mean he may be gay.

This ongoing campaign started out with a rather neutral and inclusive approach to Billy's possible bisexuality and his gay admirer, Joey. However, following ads showed Billy and his fiance being greeted at the airport by Billy's mom, and a crying Joey at a distance, banging his head on a pole -- a depiction with much greater angst.

The latest installment shows Joey becoming a malicious, jilted lover who spreads vicious rumors about Billy's bride-to-be. The gay community has become angered by the turn of the story but PLDT says it was an attempt at humor and would not pull the commercial.
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