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As seagulls cry out, an older couple walks down the beach, with the man's arm around the woman. A grandchild plays nearby.

Several paces back, two women walk together watching the couple -- one or both of them may be the older couple's children, or may not know them. "Look at them, incredible," she says to other, who replies, "I know."

"I hope we're like them," the first woman continues. The other says, "In our 70s? We'll have great grandchildren?" Then the first says, "Maybe great, great grandchildren?"

A narrator asks, "How much future are you planning on?

"So, what if we live to be 112?" asks the first woman as the other smiles back incredulously.

The narrator finishes with, "Maybe it's time to plan on a little more."

This ad is incredibly vague as to what the nature of the relationships are here but a number in the gay community sees it as possibly including them with a lesbian couple.

(Employees of Wachovia Corp. will get domestic partner benefits after the bank's merger with First Union Corp.)
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