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Several guys are playing basketball, when one of the men compliments the other on his sneakers, saying "Cool shoes." Another, looks down and affirms, "Yeah, cute."

The shoe owner looks back at the second man, concerned, and the other is dismayed.

Trademark spokeswoman Catherine Zeta-Jones intervenes and says, "Time out!" (The action "stops," but not really, more like a theater group where everyone pauses.) "Mike here, needs to get in touch with his masculine side. Fast."

"Good thing T-Mobile lets him call whenever he wants," she says and as if a superhero, she puts a cell phone in his hand. Then she yells, "Go!" And the action begins again.

As the basketball players resume, the man calls his girlfriend (who appears in a small circle on screen) and tells her in his deepest voice, "Uh, the guys and I are going to go eat some red meat. I don't know when I'm going to be home." With a smile, she asks, "Did you say 'cute' again?" He chokes out, "Yeah."

While homosexuality itself does not come up in the commercial, the man's masculinity is called into question because of a single word choice. (Despite the fact that he's otherwise traditionally masculine acting.) Gay men's masculinity is often called into question, so there was a wide dislike of this spot.
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