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In a stunt similar to the 1980s TV show "Bosom Buddies," two men who work for a grocery store are cross-dressed as women to spy on the competition -- one in a short black wig, the other in a long blonde one. The ad is part of a campaign series of six.

This particular ad opens with the brunette sitting in a van. He tells the blonde, "Go in and hide the camera. Don't get caught!" The blonde goes quickly into the store, walking ridiculously in a feeble attempt to move his hips as much as possible.

Inside, the blonde removes a camera in the shape of a banana out of his bra and places it in a pile of bananas.

From the van, the brunette can see inside the store through the camera. "Looks good," he says.

"Bigger selection than our store," replies the blonde.

"Shaw's buys over a thousand produce items, but stocks each store differently," explains the brunette.

"What do you mean?"

"Each Shaw's has more kinds of produce the people who shop there like best." The brunette notices that a woman has picked up the camera, yelling, "Hey! The banana cam!"

"Hey! You can't have that banana! It's mine," says the blonde - going into falsetto half way through the sentence.

He tries to grab the banana from the woman, but the woman eventually wins, saying, "Not anymore it's not."

The woman walks away as the announcer says, "Shaw's supermarkets. The choice is yours."
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