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A young man, admiring the object of his affection above the street on a balcony, sends a helium-filled balloon up to her with a bag of Rispinos attached as a gift.

But the bag is intercepted by a man on his balcony below her -- as the woman laughs and the young fellow looks on in dismay. The man blows an effeminate kiss to the cute fellow below, who offers him a smile instead of a frown. The closing shot shows the gay man enjoying the snack gift.

This commercial handles the mistaken gift with more dismay than the man-to-man air kiss.

German gay market consultant and ad columnist Michael Stuber, who publishes Rosa Brille wrote this about the ad: "How very romantic: a balcony scene. Our Romeo sends Julia a light Rispinos snack by 'airmail.' But Julian -- one floor underneath -- grabs the package, and he is delighted. Thank you! Kisses from Julian to Romeo! Oops -- just keep cool, everybody. But thatÆs no problem for todayÆs snack generation that is so open and relaxed about diversity. This is so, although the parent company usually pursues more macho-type approaches to market communication."
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