Todd Akin for Congress
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National Politics
The American flag and a gavel appear.

"In America today, activist judges are attempting to undermine the sanctity of traditional marriage." A newly married heterosexual couple walks outside of church.

"Some even want to do away with the words 'under God' from our Pledge," the ad continues, as a group of children stand with their hands over their hearts.

"I'm Congressman Todd Akin. Activist judges must not rewrite our Constitution. That's why I fought so hard to protect and preserve the institution of marriage," he says, as a pre-teenage girl stands before a mirror, trying on a white wedding dress. (He's fighting for the "institution" of marrying children?)

"And that's why I sponsored the Pledge Protection Act to ensure that 'God' remains in our nation's Pledge." A man holds up a framed picture, presumably of someone in the military. An American flag hangs behind him in this dark shot.

"Our rights are God-given, and no court should be able to take them away," Akin continues, as another young girl sits reading underneath a tree.

An incumbent Congressman, Akin kept his House seat, receiving 65% of the vote in his home state of Missouri.
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