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A Domino's Pizza employee answers his headset phone, while others behind him busily handle pizza orders.

"Thanks for calling Domino's," he says. "Three people? Everyone wants something different? It's okay sir, we get this all the time. That's why we've got our 5-5-5 Deal -- three pizzas, $5 each. Yeah, it is a great deal."

The customer on the phone, who cannot be heard is clearly being effusive about the deal. "You're very welcome," says the employee. Slightly surprised, he adds uncertainly but with a tiny smile, "I love you too." Then he realizes he's being "filmed" and loses his expression.

The humor here is not homosexuality alone, thus this ad gets an Equal rating. Even though the male caller says "I love you" to another man, the humor is as much about it being to a stranger, and the Domino's employee handles it without homophobic negativity.
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