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Hooper Galton
Two women are walking with baby strollers in the park, and they are approached by a woman on a bicycle. "Hey, Lucy, long time no see!"

One of the women with a stroller introduces her partner: "This is my friend, Penny."


On looking at the two babies, the woman exclaims, "Aww, blessed! They're adorable! They could be twins. You know that Jackie Clune on Discovery Home and Health? She's just had triplets, and she used to be a lesbian!" She laughs hysterically.

"You two aren't together, are you?" The two women look at her blankly. Embarrassed, the woman on the bike says, "I'll call you," and she rides off looking terrified.

The voiceover takes the floor: "3 X a baby. This week on Discovery Home and Health."

The commercial is self-aware, and renders all of the questions posed by the wacky bike-rider ironic, not offensive.
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