Open Letter to Concerned Parents and Educators

There is no link between gay people and the sexual abuse of minors

Dear concerned parents and educators,

Our nation’s leaders and experts have rightly decided over the last several decades that our children are not at greater risk when openly gay people are placed in positions of authority over youth. Openly gay people are our children’s trusted teachers, coaches, nurses, caregivers, chaperones, babysitters, clergy, and counselors.

It is important that parents and educators understand that sexual abuse is about power, not attraction.

Gay people are no more likely to abuse children, and pose no more of a threat to our young people, than the general population.

This has been accepted among experts for decades:

  • In 1978, researchers studied 175 adult males who were convicted in Massachusetts of sexual assault against a child. 47% were classified as "fixated;" 40% were classified as regressed adult heterosexuals; 13% were classified as regressed adult bisexuals. None were classified as gay.
  • In 1989 researchers in Canada measured the actual arousal of various groups of men when viewing certain photos. They found that gay men were no more attracted to young boys than straight men were to young girls.
  • In 1991 researchers surveying sex abuse victims in Denver found that only 2% of them had been victimized by someone who identified as gay or lesbian.

There has been hardly any research done in the decades since, because this is a settled issue among experts.

Often, those who oppose gay people will claim or imply that there is a connection between gay people and sexual abuse, in an effort to curtail efforts by the gay community to gain acceptance.

We, the undersigned, speak as some of America’s leading voices for child advocacy and welfare. We want to assure America’s concerned parents and educators that minors are as safe with gay people as they are with straight people. Claims to the contrary stem from a place of general opposition to homosexuality, rather than from actual expertise on the topic of sexual abuse of minors.