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Sarah Kate Ellis (she/her), President & CEO

Darra Gordon (she/her), Deputy President & Chief Operating Officer

Anthony Shallenberger (he/him), Executive Assistant to the President & CEO



Rich Ferraro (he/him), Chief Communications Officer

Sarah Kennedy (she/her), Vice President of Communications

Anthony Allen Ramos (he/him), Vice President of Communications & Talent

Barbara Simon (she/her), Senior Director of News

Jenni Olson (she/her/TBD), Senior Director of Social Media Safety

Tony Morrison (he/him), Senior Director of Communications

Mary Emily O'Hara (they/them), Rapid Response Manager

Serena Sonoma (she/they), Communications Coordinator & Media Lead, US South

Jose Useche (he/him), Communications Coordinator



Abdool Corlette (he/him), Creative Director

Brendan Davis (he/him) Director of Digital Communications

Dustin Hood (he/him), Art Director


GLAAD Media Institute

Gwendolyn Pointer (she/her), Executive Vice President

Ross Murray (he/him), Vice President, GLAAD Media Institute

Nick Adams (he/him), Vice President, GLAAD Media Institute

Alex Schmider (he/him), Director of Transgender Representation

Monica Trasandes (she/her), Director, Spanish Language & Latinx Media & Representation

DaShawn Usher (he/him), Director, Communities of Color

Julian Walker (he/him), Associate Director, Communities of Color

Megan Townsend (she/her), Director, Entertainment Research & Analysis

Raina Deerwater (she/her), Entertainment Research & Analysis Manager

Blair Durkee (she/her), Associate Director of Gaming

Meghan Bartley (she/her), Director of Agencies, Brands & Engagement

Tristan Marra (she/her), Head of Research & Reports

Louise Prollamante (she/they), Executive Assistant and LA Office Coordinator



Lauren Sampson (she/her), Chief Development Officer

Melissa Harris (she/her), Deputy Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

Kimberly Abuelhaj (she/her), Senior Director of Membership

Amy Lavine (she/her), Director of Institutional Giving

Crystal Butler (she/her), Director of Events

Justin Rosado (they/them), Associate Director, Donor Services

Eric McBride (he/him), Membership Associate

Fernanda Roszkowski (she/her), Database Manager

Matthew Zaccagni (he/him), Senior Major Gifts Officer

Kate Donnelly (she/her), Grant Writer

Lydia Edwards (she/they), Strategic Partnerships Coordinator




Michael Bowman-Zamora (he/him), Senior Director of People, Talent & Culture

Jesse Buggs (he/him), Director of IT

Leo Chui (he/him), Senior Systems Administrator

Anais Figueroa (she/her), People, Talent & Culture Associate

Madeline Qi (she/her), Operations Coordinator

Arthur Aung (he/him), Senior Staff Accountant

Jess Chen (she/her), Staff Accountant