Rebecca Heineman (Seattle, WA) (July 2017-Present)

Rebecca Heineman is the CEO and CTO of Olde Sküül, Inc., a game studio she founded with three other women veterans of the game industry. She spent most, if not all of her career working in the entertainment industry, primarily on games and related technology. Born and raised in Whittier, California, she came into games as a player, but not just any player. After winning her regional round in Los Angeles, she went on to be the first ever national video game champion, winning the Atari 2600 National Space Invaders tournament in 1980. From 1983 onward she has had leadership and founding roles in several game companies, including Interplay, Logicware, Contraband Entertainment, and Olde Sküül, which she still runs today.

Rebecca’s direct involvement in media-related transgender activism has primarily been as a behind the scenes consultant for both GLAAD and HRC. She also served her local community as a volunteer facilitator at Seattle’s Ingersoll Center. Then in 2012 she joined a speakers group called, where professionals involved in the game industry discussed topics at the intersection of gaming (both video games and table top) and transgender issues. Presentations were given at PAX events on the east and west coast. (Penny Arcade Expo), an international series of game and media related conventions.

Her interests include learning to fly, making pastries, target shooting, writing, game design, programming (even for fun), collecting and archiving vintage game source code and being mother to her adult children and more recently as grandma to their kids.

She relocated to near down town Seattle, WA in 2012, where she currently lives with her wife Jennell Jaquays (a veteran game developer and artist as well) and serves the whims of their two feline overlords.