Ariadne Getty (Los Angeles, CA) (October 2016 - Present)

Ariadne Getty is the President and Executive Director of The Ariadne Getty Foundation. A lifelong philanthropist, Ariadne has a keen focus on serving disenfranchised populations. Her sense of integrity and compassion help to guide the AGF’s investments.

Much of Ariadne's charitable work stems from her personal history; both of her children, Natalia (Nats) and August are gay, and much of Ariadne's philanthropic efforts go towards working with the LGBTQ community. The AGF is also a major supporter of the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

Ariadne joins Ted Turner, Kofi Annan, Muhammad Yunus and Queen Rania of Jordan as inaugural board members of the Better World Fund, an educational and advocacy nonprofit driving support for the United Nations and UN causes such as refugees and gender inequality. This role has taken her on missions to Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo where she visits refugee camps with stakeholders to create better living conditions.

Ariadne is the CEO of August Getty Atelier, her son's fashion line headquartered in Los Angeles and sold globally.

Ariadne was born in Italy and currently resides in Los Angeles.