Antonious Porch (New York, NY) (October 2022-Present)

Antonious Porch is the General Counsel and Chief Diversity Officer at SoundCloud, a leading music entertainment company.

In his role as General Counsel, Porch is responsible for the company’s business affairs, legal affairs and public policy strategy, and the management of its global team of legal experts in content licensing, copyright, data protection and privacy, and corporate matters. In 2020, Porch was appointed as SoundCloud’s Chief Diversity Officer, leading efforts to ensure the company consistently delivers on an integrated diversity, equity and inclusion strategy that is globally relevant and cross-functionally aligned to business outcomes. Porch also serves as the executive sponsor of the SoundCloud Community Fund, which externally supports advancing social justice and equality, and the mental health and well-being of the creator community.

Porch speaks openly and proudly at a range of events, including for the National Bar Association, Out for Undergrad and Native Son. He has been instrumental in key legal battles in the Gay Rights movement, including representing the Rev. Gregory Dell during his defrocking church trial for blessing the relationship of two gay men, and on the board of the Service Members Legal Defense Network, fighting Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Porch holds a current board role with International Radio and Television Society Foundation, ensuring educational programmes cater to a diverse range of upcoming talent in the media industry.

A Chicago native, he is a graduate of Yale College and Columbia Law School and also successfully completed a cable executive management program at Harvard Business School. He currently lives and works in New York City.