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"It’s important for me to always fight for equality" -- @melreidgolf https://t.co/BxDbh2mhL5 @glaad • 9h
With 5 days until Dec 15th deadline, today is the perfect day to get started and #GetCovered at… https://t.co/7HqDH2EuTU @glaad • 15h
The Trump Administration is making it very clear that they don’t care about the lives of people living with HIV, includ… @sarahkateellis • 18h
Just a few more days to enter @glaad's #sweepstakes to go on @KeshaRose's 'Weird and Wonderful Rainbow Ride' cruise!! Awe… @rwiggumrules • 19h
ICYMI: The Episcopal Church affirmed nationwide marriage equality and rejected an anti-LGBTQ tirade from an Albany… https://t.co/nnDckv3nlS @glaad • 21h
Today the DC Court of Appeals is hearing arguments in Doe v. Trump, challenging the Trump Administration’s proposed… https://t.co/lRkb3H52Vn @glaad • 22h
I know it looks like my cousin is terrified to be at a gay event but she says she’s an ally. @glaad @chappyapp @SAMGREIS • 09 Dec
I wrote about what what my pansexual/queer identity means to me, dispelled common stereotypes, & talked about looking to… @christinepuns • 09 Dec
😍😍😍 https://t.co/qIbE8TanvD @glaad • 09 Dec

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