Story to Watch: Gay Men Violently Attacked in Utah

Reports out of Utah indicate that for the third time in two weeks a gay man has been violently attacked.  In every situation, the victim has reported that the attackers used anti-gay slurs prior to and during the attack. This type of violence is always reprehensible, regardless of circumstances.  With three attacks against gay men in Utah during such a short period of time, many people are connecting them as related, though police do not believe there is any connection.  Regardless, local LGBT advocates have planned activities in Salt Lake City to bring light to violence against LGBT people. It is important for the media to turn their focus on these types of senseless acts.  However, GLAAD cautions the media to report on these attacks in a responsible way.  It is not appropriate to politicize these events, but rather to focus on apprehension of the perpetrators.  Additionally, letting the victims tell their own stories is essential. GLAAD encourages people to let us know if the media outlets are sensationalizing these stories, or otherwise irresponsibly reporting.  You can report problematic coverage here.