The GLAAD Daily: Proposition 8, Tyler Clementi, Lt. Dan Choi and More

Chief U.S. District Judge James Ware on Monday heard arguments on whether he should make video recordings of last year's federal Proposition 8 trial public. Theodore Boutrous, an attorney for the plaintiffs, told Ware, “Releasing the video would allow everyone to review and make their own judgment about what happened.” Ware did not rule at the end of Monday’s hearing and said he would issue a written ruling at a later date. In the Los Angeles Times, Lucy Dalglish of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press wrote about the importance of making video recordings of the trial public. The Middlesex County prosecutor's office filed a motion requesting that the name of the man recorded in an encounter with Tyler Clementi be withheld. The request reportedly came in response to a motion filed by lawyers for Dharun Ravi, who believe the man identified only as M.B., may have information that could help Ravi's case. Middlesex County prosecutors also said that a text message apology sent by Ravi to Clementi "was just one of many attempts by [the] defendant to dilute, cover up and explain, in other words to tamper with the facts and to fabricate evidence that could be looked on as favorable to him." The editorial board of the Washington Post criticized the Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group in the House of Representatives for its defense of parts of the so-called "Defense of Marriage Act." The Post wrote, "If defending DOMA requires making assertions that are clearly false, the law is not defensible." Aaron Blake took to The Fix blog on the Post’s website and examined apparently contradictory statements made by both Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas) about marriage for same-sex couples. Blake: "[W]hen New York passed its gay marriage law a couple months ago, Perry said he was okay with it. Bachmann likewise has said that she respects New York’s right to define marriage – citing the 10th amendment. More recently, though, both Perry and Bachmann have assured voters that they support a marriage amendment."

Dan Choi

An attorney for Lt. Dan Choi, who is on trial in federal court for handcuffing himself to a White House gate in protest of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” said Monday that people arrested for protesting at the White House are usually charged in local court and that Choi is being treated differently because of his orientation. North Carolina state House Majority Leader Paul Stam and Speaker Pro Tempore Dale Folwell scheduled a news conference for Tuesday to discuss a proposed amendment aiming to ban marriage for same-sex couples in the state. Three-fifths of the members of the state House and Senate would have to approve the question before it would go to voters in 2012. Iowa Governor Terry Branstad commented on the murder of Marcellus Richard Andrews and said it was inappropriate to link it to the state's marriage equality debate. Branstad: “But I see no link whatsoever and I think it’s inappropriate to try to blame people that are not associated with having committed a crime. I think we need to focus on the people who committed the crime and they need to be brought to justice.” The Seattle Times reported that parents of a transgender child in Washington state recently asked for the public's help in finding the person who attacked the child on Aug. 16.