The GLAAD Daily: Lawrence King Closing Arguments, Iowa, Jerry Buell and More

During closing arguments in the Brandon McInerney trial on Thursday, Ventura County Deputy District Attorney Maeve Fox implored jurors to find McInerney guilty of first-degree murder for the death of Lawrence King. Fox said, "He intentionally got that gun; he told people what he was going to do. He shot and killed an innocent person." A lawyer for Brandon McInerney claimed "adults should have stopped this behavior," referring to Lawrence King's decision to wear makeup and high heels and King's attitude toward McInerney. Documents released this week show that the anti-gay Iowa Family Policy Center received $2.2 million in federal funding between 2006 and 2010, during which it conducted a campaign against marriage for same-sex couples. Also in Iowa, vigils were held throughout the state on Thursday to honor Marcellus Richard Andrews, who was killed last week by attackers who witnesses say were yelling anti-gay slurs. An attorney for Florida teacher Jerry Buell said this week that the Lake County School District has called into question some religious material Buell included on his class syllabus. Harry Mihet of the Liberty Counsel: "We are going to have to evaluate the school’s position and engage them in some dialogue." Zack Ford at Think Progess criticized a Florida FOX affiliate for its coverage of anti-gay comments made by Buell on his Facebook page. Ford writes, "If Fox 35 had bothered to do an accurate report on the significance of Buell’s comments, they might have talked to someone from GLSEN, who would’ve pointed out the severe negative consequence of an anti-gay environment in schools." Taylor Murphy was charged with assault, criminal mischief and criminal obstruction in the attack of Claudia Charriez, a transgender woman, two weeks ago at two different locations in midtown Manhattan. The two were reportedly in a relationship.