The GLAAD Daily: DOMA, Don Lemon, Marcellus Andrews and More

Talking Points Memo reported that Professor Lisa A. Diamond, whose work was cited by lawyers arguing that the so-called "Defense of Marriage Act" is constitutional on behalf of the House of Representatives' Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group , filed a declaration in federal court saying the legal team "misconstrues and distorts [her] research findings, which do not support the propositions for which BLAG cites them." Diamond went on to say, “My quoted statement concerns the scientific and popular debates over the defining characteristics of LGBT individuals and it says nothing whatsoever about the immutability of sexual orientation itself.” Talking Points Memo this week also looked at various recent polls that have indicated a shift in public support in the direction of equality for LGBT people in the U.S. Fresh off his interview with a panel of four transgender guests on Monday, CNN’s Don Lemon penned a column about gay men and lesbians who are increasingly asked when they are going to be married now that more U.S. jurisdictions are extending marriage protections to same-sex couples. Lemon also discussed his and his boyfriend's surprise when he was named a "media power bachelor" by The New York Observer. On the Joy Behar Show on Tuesday, Lemon interviewed Randy Roberts Potts, the grandson of Oral Roberts, about Potts' family's rejection of him since he came out. Lemon later talked to Jay Bakker, son of Jim Bakker and Tammy Faye Bakker Messner, about his LGBT-inclusive ministry. Also on CNN, blogger Lee Rose Emery examines how some of her readers have confronted questions from their children about gay and lesbian couples. Emery was prompted by a conversation she had with her children during which the subject came up. Police in Waterloo, Iowa, said Tuesday that the death of Marcellus Richard Andrews is not being investigated as a hate crime, despite witnesses who said his attackers used anti-gay slurs. Police also released the results of an autopsy performed on Andrews, which found that he died from blunt force trauma to his head. No arrests have been made in the incident. The Associated Press reported this week that the Independence Party of Minnesota said it would join a coalition working against a proposed constitutional amendment aiming to ban marriage for same-sex couples in the state. Chairman Mark Jenkins is urging people to volunteer to defeat the proposed ban. Also in Minnesota, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) and the Anoka-Hennepin School District on Tuesday released a joint statement saying there had been "productive talks toward resolution of the claims alleged in these two lawsuits. All parties look forward to future constructive dialogue." The suits were filed in response to students who claim they were harassed because of their real or perceived orientation. The Anoka-Hennepin School District has a policy instructing teachers to remain “neutral” on matters relating to LGBT people. Virginia state Del. Adam Ebbin (D-Arlington) on Tuesday won the Democratic primary for the state Senate seat currently held by state Sen. Patsy Ticer (D-Alexandria). If elected, Ebbin would become the first openly gay Virginia state senator. Fred Karger said last week that his request to attend and address the California Republican Party 2011 Fall Convention has apparently been refused. Jimmy LaSalvia of GOProud criticized Karger and claimed he is “not a credible candidate” for the presidency.