The GLAAD Daily: Death in Iowa, Brandon McInerney, Jon Huntsman on Relationship Recognition and More

19-year-old Marcellus Richard Andrews was pronounced dead on Sunday after being removed from life support at an Iowa City hospital. Andrews was found unconscious with severe head injuries after a fight broke out at his home on Friday in Waterloo, Iowa, during which witnesses say Andrews was called anti-gay slurs. Attorneys for Brandon McInerney rested their case on Monday without calling on McInerney to testify. Prosecutors this week are expected to call a rebuttal witness, and it is not clear when closing arguments will be scheduled. A new study published in the journal Biological Psychology found that men who identify as bi are sexually attracted to both women and men. Some bi advocates, like Jim Larsen of the Bisexual Organizing Project and Ellyn Ruthstrom of the Bisexual Resource Center, have expressed some discomfort with the study. Larsen said, “It’s great that they’ve come out with affirmation that bisexuality exists. Having said that, they’re proving what we in the community already know. It’s insulting. I think it’s unfortunate that anyone doubts an individual who says, ‘This is what I am and who I am.’" The New York Times also quotes Ruthstrom, who said, “This unfortunately reduces sexuality and relationships to just sexual stimulation. Researchers want to fit bi attraction into a little box — you have to be exactly the same, attracted to men and women, and you’re bisexual. That’s nonsense. What I love is that people express their bisexuality in so many different ways.” A transgender teen recently reached a settlement with the city of Philadelphia Department of Human Services and the Youth Study Center in a complaint filed in 2009 alleging that she was abused and mistreated while at the center. The settlement reportedly includes new guidelines for how transgender people are treated at the center. Lambda Legal’s Flo Bermudez explained, “Youth Study Center’s new policies and trainings adopted as a result of this settlement will help to ensure that other transgender youth under the facility’s care are safe and don’t face discriminations because of who they are. The resolution of this case means that transgender youth in Philadelphia have one more safe space where they won’t be abused and discriminated against, but respected and safe.” The Houston Chronicle’s Partisan Gridlock blog reported that a Houston judge on June 24 entered an order preventing William Flowers from leaving his children alone with any man that is not related to the children "by blood or adoption." The order prevents Flowers from leaving his children with his partner Jim Evans. As written, the injunction also reportedly prohibits doctors, teachers and pastors from being alone with the children. An attorney for Beth Urschel filed a suit this week seeking more than $50 million in damages on behalf of Urschel, who was injured when a stage collapsed at the Indiana State Fair, and the estate of her partner Tammy VanDam, who died in the incident. The attorney said, "Tammy was her wife and Beth is entitled to be treated as any spouse should be treated: fairly, equitably and justly under the law. That's something we intend to challenge because as it stands now, Indiana law does not recognize her as a spouse and we expect to change that." On CNN, Randi Kaye interviewed Florida teacher Jerry Buell and his attorney Harry Mihet. Buell was recently suspended and assigned to an administrative job after he posted anti-gay comments on Facebook about New York's marriage law. Later in the day on CNN, Piers Morgan interviewed former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman (R) and asked about his position on marriage for same-sex couples. Huntsman: "I believe in civil unions. I think we can do a better job in this country as it relates to equality and basic reciprocal beneficiary rights. I'm in favor of traditional marriage. I don't think you can redefine it without getting in trouble." On HLN’s Joy Behar Show, guest host Don Lemon talked with Chaz Bono about transitioning and other subjects. Later, Lemon talked to actresses Laverne Cox and Harmony Santana as well as model Isis King about being transgender.