One Single Lesbian's Journey to Motherhood

Staceyann Chin, Jamaican writer, advocate and out lesbian, shares her quest for motherhood on Huffington Post Black Voices.  The Brooklyn, N.Y. resident describes the moment she realized that she wanted to be a mother and the process of finding a donor. “I wanted to experience another kind of love,” she writes. “I was ready for a baby.” Chin goes on to explain what it was like growing up without her mother present and why she decided to pursue motherhood without a partner. She candidly describes her home attempt at conceiving. Chin did not become pregnant at that time, and it took her another year to try again. She eventually went to a clinic and explains in her essay what that process was like: “The compulsion to test is almost physically painful to resist. I lasted a week and four days. On Mother's Day I dared the universe and tested.” On that day, she learned that she was indeed pregnant and well on her way to becoming a mother. Read about Staceyann Chin's journey in its entirety at Huffington Post Black Voices. GLAAD commends Staceyann Chin for sharing her poignant story. It’s stories like these that reflect the diverse family structures that exist within both gay and straight communities. Congratulations, Staceyann!