LGBT Religion News Updates for August 10, 2011

August 10, 2011
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Pastor Nancy Petty. Image from the Advocate.

Nancy Petty, a Baptist pastor in North Carolina doesn’t want to perform any weddings at all until marriage equality becomes a reality for all people. A gay Presbyterian pastor who left the Presbyterian ministry 21 years ago has been cleared to return in light of the passage of Presbyterian Amendment 10A. The LGBT synagogue Beit Simchat Torah, which plans to move into its new (and first) permanent location in 2013, was featured in the New York Times. Rev. Greg Renstrom of New Harmony United Methodist Church is under investigation for performing blessing ceremonies for gay and lesbian couples. Kathy Baldock, a straight Evangelical Christian ally and creator of the Str8Apology initiative, wrote yesterday in support of the transgender community, and the Evangelical Network spoke out in favor of California’s FAIR Education Act.

Kathy Baldock. Image from LGBTQ Nation.

Good news coming in from New York state this week. Roman Catholic Bishop Howard Hubbard, archbishop of Albany, New York, will hold a Vigil Mass at the 2011 Conference of the Catholic Association for Lesbian and Gay Ministry(CALGM). A German Cardinal has criticized the Roman Catholic Church, saying that the Church “has not always adopted the right tone” towards LGBT people. The Vatican is investigating Bishop Raul Vera Lopez of Saltillo, Mexico, who has been accused of promoting LGBT relationships. Overseas, the last Roman Catholic adoption agency in the UK, which refuses to grant adoptions to LGBT families, won an appeal and was granted a temporary stay. Ten of the 11 former Roman Catholic adoption agencies in the UK have either disbanded or secularized in response to calls to end discriminatory practices and to include all families. Thanks for your suggestions, and please continue to forward and subscribe to