The GLAAD Daily: Dollywood, Marriage Polling in New Jersey, and Anti-LGBT Attacks

Dollywood officials this week offered to refund a lesbian couple because an employee at Dollywood's Splash Country asked one of the women to turn a shirt indicating her support for marriage equality inside out. Dolly Parton earlier this week apologized for the incident, "I am truly sorry for the hurt or embarrassment regarding the gay and lesbian T-shirt incident at Dollywood's Splash Country recently. Everyone knows of my personal support of the gay and lesbian community. Dollywood is a family park and all families are welcome." The New Jersey Star-Ledger reported that a new Public Policy Polling poll found 47% of New Jersey voters support marriage equality in the state, while 42% oppose it. The editorial board of the Star-Ledger urged Gov. Chris Christie to “consider taking a page out of Cuomo's playbook” and push for marriage equality legislation in the state. The Associated Press wrote a piece about Saturday's scheduled religious event, "The Response," which is being organized by Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R). The AP calls the event "a potentially risky gamble" because some of the participants "hold out-of-mainstream views on religious freedom, gay rights and even Adolf Hitler." Among the participants is the American Family Association, an anti-gay organization. Police in Washington, D.C., said Tuesday that they are investigating whether two recent attacks on transgender individuals in Northeast D.C. were motivated by bias. Meanwhile, police in Long Beach, Calif., said Tuesday that five openly gay men have been assaulted in three unrelated attacks during the past 10 days. Also, in Provincetown, Mass., police are investigating a possible bias-motivated attack that occurred on Sunday morning in the town. A gay couple was walking home when two men in a car who reportedly used anti-gay language attacked them. The Associated Press reported this week that the ACLU of Florida said it reached a settlement with the city of Miami Beach over the wrongful arrest of a man who reported that two police officers were beating a gay man. The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles on Tuesday withdrew its parole approval for Jon Buice, the man serving a 45-year prison sentence for the murder of openly gay Houston banker Paul Broussard in 1991. The board reportedly made the decision to withdraw the approval because of "additional information not previously made available to the board." The Chicago Tribune reported on the Princeton Review’s announcement that Wheaton College was ranked as the nation's least tolerant college for LGBT people. A spokesperson for OneWheaton, an LGBT group affiliated with the school, said, “We’re sad that this ranking exists in the first place. College is a difficult and transformative time for people […] We’re sad there are still spaces in the U.S. where students feel they are not supported and [are] alone.” The Movement Advancement Project this week released its 2011 Momentum Report, which tracks the LGBT movement and analyzes conditions for LGBT people in the U.S. As Bilerico Project reports, MAP’s website has included an “Equality Snapshot” for each state, the size of its LGBT populations, the number of out LGBT officials, and the state of various LGBT-related legislation.