Story to Watch: School Administrators and Teachers of Lawrence King Give Testimony at Trial

GLAAD asked its constituents last month to keep a close eye on the trial of Brandon McInerney, the defendant accused of murdering openly gay and gender non-conforming student Lawrence King in 2008. This week, several teachers have given testimony about their interactions and experiences with King. “He couldn’t distinguish between positive and negative attention. He just wanted people to pay attention to him,” stated Susan Crowley, King’s seventh-grade special education teacher, who felt that King had difficulty relating to his peers. Other teachers testified about the school administration’s failure to provide adequate protections for King. As the trial continues, we again ask that our readers follow the coverage closely and direct us to any irresponsible journalism that suggests that King is to blame for his own death. It’s important for journalists to report fairly about King’s identity and behavior, and not to imply that he had any responsibility for the actions taken by McInerney. We ask that media be objective and respect King’s memory during this difficult time, keeping in mind that no one deserves to be killed for being who they are. Readers can fill out an incident report or contact if they have any tips or suggestions. In the meantime, we will continue to monitor this and other media coverage of the Brandon McInerney trial.