Stand with New York. I Do.

News outlets are already reporting that New York City will perform a record number of weddings this Sunday. Among those are New York City couple Alan Miles and Drew Glick. After 16 years together, the State of New York will finally legally recognize Alan and Drew's relationship just as it would any other married couple. GLAAD will be at the New York City Clerk's Offices and places of worship around the state standing with and telling stories of the thousands of couples like Alan and Drew. Will you join these celebrations and tell the world that you: Stand with New York. I Do. Since marriage equality passed in the New York legislature, GLAAD has been speaking with couples like Alan and Drew across the state. We've listened to their stories and shared them with millions through the media. These are the stories that move Americans to support equality. We will continue to amplify them as Sunday's wedding ceremonies begin. Meet these couples and read their stories. I stand with New York today, and I'm showing that support by adding this button to my Facebook and Twitter profiles. You can do the same at This is a historic time. What's happened in New York could quite possibly set the stage for other important marriage equality efforts around the nation and across the world. Join me today. Stand with New York. I Do.