The GLAAD Daily: "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," LGBT History Part of CA State Curriculum, and Anti-LGBT Pledge

Federal officials filed an emergency motion on Thursday asking the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to reinstate its stay on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” which was halted last week. The DepartmenFt of Justice says that ending the ban now would interrupt the transition process for repeal that President Obama put into place in December. Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation that makes California the first state in the nation to require lessons about LGBT people in the state’s public school social studies curriculum. State Senator Mark Leno, who sponsored the law, says it will reduce anti-LGBT bullying by showing role models in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans. Governor Brown agreed, saying “History should be honest.” Michele Bachmann sent out a fundraising letter on Thursday defending her decision to sign an anti-LGBT pledge associated with a socially conservative group in Iowa. The pledge is called “The Marriage Vow” and states that children are best raised by a mother and father, and opposes efforts towards marriage equality. Bachmann’s letter came in response to criticism by actress Whoopi Goldberg and hosts of “The View,” who believe that the pledge is archaic and judgmental. Republican politician Tim Pawlenty declined to sign the pledge, as did former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson, and former Utah governor Jon Huntsman. Today marks the one year anniversary of marriage equality in Argentina. The country has celebrated almost 2,700 marriages for gay and lesbian couples since it became the first nation in Latin America to pass the legislation last year. About 60% of the weddings were between men, and most have been held in Buenos Aires.