Transgender Actress Jamie Clayton Talks to In Touch About Stepping Into Her New Role

Jamie Clayton discussed filming her upcoming role on HBO's Hung in and interview with In Touch Magazine recently, in which she talked about realizing a personal dream of hers and representing the transgender community on television. Audiences may remember her as one third of the glamour squad on VH1's TRANSform Me, in which Clayton and two other trans women traveled the country giving other women makeovers and a few choice lessons in personal empowerment.  The show was nominated for a GLAAD Media Award last year for Outstanding Reality Program. Now Clayton is pursuing an acting career, which this high profile role seems to be kicking off.  She told Sr. News Editor Noah Levy that acting is a dream she's had for a long time, and that "[t]he moment I walked on set I felt happy to be there." Clayton will play a transgender receptionist who enlists the services of Thomas Jane's male escort character, Ray Decker, and the two got along very well, saying, "He got to know me and realized that I am just a normal girl, just like any other actress. He knew that this was my first role and told me that I was a natural and was proud of me." However she's also aware of the significance of being one of the few transgender actresses actively working today, which include Dirty Sexy Money's Candis Cane, Laverne Cox, and much buzzed about newcomer Harmony Santana from the Sundance and Outfest hit, Gun Hill Road.  Clayton says "I am really proud to have this opportunity and to show that transgender actors can play someone other than the hooker or the mistress. Kyla is a receptionist and a very interesting character."  We may get to see even more of Clayton if Hung gets picked up for a fourth season.  TV Guide reported that her character is being considered for the position of Ray's girlfriend.