LGBT Couples Take Home Victories in Annual Crate & Barrel Ultimate Wedding Contest

Last week, Crate & Barrel announced the results of their annual Ultimate Wedding Contest , which included two LGBT couples in the top winners of the 7,500 couples who participated. Robbie and Allen, whom we previously profiled at an earlier stage of the contest, came in third place overall and were pleased with the results. Although they held first place at several different points, they participated not necessarily to win, but to spread a wider message about equality. “We want what most loving couples in a relationship want: to marry, to create a family, to retire, to have grandkids, and to grow older together,” Robbie and Allen told GLAAD. “The main purpose behind all our heavy campaigning was to help put another face on marriage equality, to get people talking, and to make a difference.  We know we accomplished all those things.”

Carrie and Anastasia

Robbie and Allen mentioned that the most positive aspect of their experience was being contacted by LGBT youth who were struggling with their identity and wanted advice about coming out to their parents and friends. “It's important to increase the visibility of LGBT couples to show that we are no different than heterosexual couples,” they told us, and noted that some youth were in touch with them to say thank you for being a catalyst that helped them come out. Robbie and Allen got engaged in October 2010, and plan to wed in Boston, but will continue their efforts to achieve marriage equality in their native California. Another LGBT couple named Carrie and Anastasia received an honorable mention for garnering an impressive 1,492 votes. The couple met in 2004 and comes from Chicago. “Our wedding will represent a commitment to social responsibility,” they say, “with recycled invitations, locally grown fare, and support for companies with fair labor and eco standards.” They are dedicated to the values of responsible living, environmentalism, and hospitality. “Brightly and festively decorated for every season, our home will be a thoughtful place for entertaining, relaxing, and enjoying our family,” they note. Congratulations to Robbie and Allen, Carrie and Anastasia, and all the other couples who participated! GLAAD will continue to highlight the stories of committed LGBT couples who prepare to celebrate their love in marriage.