GLAAD Mourns Death of Trans Advocate Dana Turner

GLAAD was saddened earlier this week to hear of the loss of Dana Turner, a long-term advocate in the LGBT community, particularly in the area of transgender issues. Dana was born in Indiana, grew up in California, and graduated from Georgetown Law School. After working at the Library of Congress, she moved to New York City to practice law and advocacy work on behalf of the transgender and HIV+ communities. She participated in several International Conferences on Transgender Law & Employment Policy and assisted the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, providing support to transgender, intersex, and gender non-conforming people in prison. TransGriot describes Dana as “an award winning advocate for the trans community” throughout her more than 30 years of work in civil rights law, public theater activism and online research. The Sylvia Rivera Law Project asserts that Dana was “a talented, fiercely intelligent advocate” working to help those impacted by HIV, transphobia, criminalization, poverty and racism. A long time resident of New York City, Dana was admitted to Roosevelt Hospital in Manhattan on April 26 with arterial fibrillation. She passed away in her sleep on April 28. The Sylvia Rivera Law Project is accepting donations in honor of Dana’s exemplary life as someone committed to seeking justice for those who continue to experience discrimination at the individual and institutional levels.