CNN's Kyra Phillips Grills Anti-Marriage Equality Activist

CNN's Kyra Phillips went into today's interview with football player-turned-anti-marriage equality activist David Tyree armed with facts and examples, and by asking Tyree to explain himself, she gave her audience great journalism - and the whole story. In this case, it was the story of how the arguments against marriage equality simply don't hold up to scrutiny. The truth is, just as Kyra said, the research shows that gay and lesbian couples are just as capable of raising children as heterosexual couples. And (again, just as Kyra said) if you're attack allowing committed gay and lesbian couples to get married because you think it's "unnatural" then you'd better be able to explain why marriage between couples who can't or don't want to have children - don't fall into that same category. We applaud Kyra Phillips for asking Tyree to defend his positions, and for showing her audience just how shallow and indefensible the argument against marriage equality is.