Twins Will Reach out to Lesbian Couple Reprimanded for Kissing

At a recent game at Target Field, a Minnesota lesbian couple was scolded by a security guard after they shared what they described as a "brief kiss."  (Thanks to Zack Ford for notifying us!) We talked with a Twins spokesman this afternoon, and have been assured that the guard has been reprimanded both verbally and with a written warning - and has been told in no uncertain terms that all fans are welcome at Twins games, and that lesbian and gay couples are welcome (and even encouraged, via the "kiss cam") to show affection towards each other. Spokesman Kevin Smith says the team is in the process of reaching out to the couple to invite them back to the ballpark to make amends. The couple has called for the team to create a zero-tolerance policy towards harassment. Smith told GLAAD while the team does incorporate respect for LGBT fans and patrons into its training programs for staff, it does not have such a policy in writing, and is now in the process of considering one. Longtime baseball fans will know the Twins have been one of the leaders in professional sports when it comes to inclusion. Here's a team executive on ESPN defending the decision to host a local LGBT organization at the ballpark, way back in 2001. The team recently told CityPages that it's also exploring the idea of putting together a video for the "It Gets Better" project - saying "We're in the process of finding appropriate players, lining up production needs, etc." The Twins would join the Giants, Cubs, Red Sox and Mariners as MLB teams who have taken part - or have committed to taking part - in the campaign to support LGBT youth.