HIV Resource "The Body" Celebrates Pride Month by Showcasing Stories

The HIV/AIDS organization “The Body” has launched their Pride 2011 website in honor of the events they will be holding this June, throughout the rest of Pride Month. “We wanted to take a deeper look into what it means to be LGBT in 2011 and the issues that impact our community, especially around young people, HIV/AIDS, coming out, and accepting yourself for who you are,” said editor Kellee Terrell about the goals of the site. The site also encourages LGBT people to blog about their own personal perspectives regarding Pride Month.’s bloggers, guest contributors, and other members of the community are all sharing diverse stories and reflections about Pride Month in general, as well as about the ways they believe views on HIV/AIDS vary between different generations. One writer named Ibrahim wrote about having once distanced himself from other gay people and gay issues, in an attempt “to avoid getting close” to his HIV. A woman named Maria wrote about how she overcame stigma and said, "I have pride and I am a proud HIV- positive lesbian female. Coming from an ultraconservative Hispanic family, it was a very hard step for me to deal with many issues in my life and be able to speak about them -- or 'come out,' as they say." Finally, the “We Are The Youth” photojournalism project  is specifically geared towards telling the individual stories of LGBT youth across the nation, and offers additional points of view. was launched as a resource for people living with HIV/AIDS, in order to foster a sense of community, improve their quality of life, and debunk myths and stereotypes. It contains information about prevention, treatment, diagnosis, and other health tips. It has a community forum for readers to connect with other users of the site, in addition to a section dedicated to medical advice from experts. GLAAD applauds for empowering diverse LGBT perspectives for Pride Month, and encourages everyone to use their resource and share it widely.