The GLAAD Wrap: No More Teddy or Skins, More Chris Colfer, and a Trailer for Pariah

Every week, The GLAAD Wrap brings you LGBT-related entertainment news highlights, fresh stuff to watch out for, and fun diversions to help you kick off the weekend. 1) Teddy, we hardly knew ye.  A year after being promoted to series regular just in time for his character’s big coming out, Teddy Montgomery is leaving 90210.  He won’t be vanishing outright however.  An insider from the show told Michael Ausiello that he’ll appear “as a guest star in roughly five episodes this fall.”  This leaves the bisexual Adrianna as the only regular LGBT character on 90210 (and the CW) for the moment. . 2) After making a huge splash at Sundance this year, the independent feature Pariah was picked up by Focus Features. The film follows a closeted lesbian teenager in the Bronx who’s finding it increasingly difficult to live a double life.  It doesn’t have a release date yet, but it DOES have a brand new trailer: Binary Data dWAENR3eawM . 3) Glee’s Chris Colfer is about to add author to his resume.  The young actor is set to release his first novel next summer; a fantasy adventure aimed at young readers titled The Land of Stories.  It will be the first of two he'll be writing and releasing through Little, Brown Books.  Also…in case you didn’t know…he is a ninja (and Matthew Morrison is easily scared): Binary Data DZl1QBOW5X0 . 4) Any gay X-Men fan can tell you, being a mutant in the Marvel universe is often a metaphor for being LGBT.  Especially now that the team has run off to San Francisco.  Fans who’ve seen the comics' film adaptations have probably noticed that metaphor has been cleverly referenced several times in the film’s screenplays.  As Alyssa Rosenberg pointed out on Think Progress this week, X-Men First Class certainly continues that tradition, though at least one commenter vehemently disagreed.  So who better to set the record straight in those same comments than Zach Stenz, one of the film’s screenwriters:
Um, no offense, but you’re wrong. I helped write the movie, and can tell you the gay rights/ post-[H]olocaust Jewish identity / civil rights allegor[ies were] all put in there on purpose. Joss Whedon designed the whole “Cure” storyline in the comic books specifically as a gay allegory, and Bryan Singer wove his own feelings of outsiderdom as a gay man into the movie series. The whole “Have you ever tried NOT being a mutant” coming out scene in X2 isn’t even particularly subtle, while it is effective.
And if that isn’t enough proof, allow this singing Magneto to explain in his acoustic cover of Lady Gaga’s "Born This Way": Binary Data L8JjKTcpfj8 . 5) In further comic-related news, the first pages from Kevin Keller #1 have been released as a preview for the gay character's upcoming mini-series.  Kevin’s first appearance in Archie was enough to get the comic a GLAAD Media Award nomination, so expectations are high for a fun solo title.  Click here and here for two full spreads showcasing the guy who intends to give Jughead a run for his money in the eating department. . 6) The cancellation of several inclusive shows this year (like Brothers & Sisters) already means the TV landscape is going to look a little bleaker for LGBT characters next season.  Now we can add one more fatality to the list.  MTV has cancelled its remake of the provocative British series Skins.  Its a shame too, since as any fans can tell you, the teen lesbian romance of seasons three and four is one of the best ever done.  Try googling "Naomi and Emily" if you don't believe me. . 7) We love Bryan Safi’s skewering of LGBT representations in the media on That’s Gay, even if the language he uses means we can’t always post them here.  What we don’t love is that we only get a few minutes a week of his playful wit.  Luckily, Current TV’s Infomania has seen fit to give him a full half hour tonight at 9pm in honor of Pride month.  Check out the pants dropping (but SFW) teaser below: