Transgender Literary Press Seeks Submissions for Debut Anthology

Topside Press is making a call for submissions for a short-story collection that will highlight transgender authors and/or work featuring transgender protagonists, to be released later this year. The book hopes to reflect various degrees of trans experience, and all people are encouraged to participate. “While there is no strict theme, the goal of this collection is to showcase fiction by and about transgender people and culture,” according to the Topside Press website.  The project aims to emphasize authentic trans narratives “that avoid tropes and portrayals that are common to literature about transgender people, who are often included in books or movies only as victims or perpetrators and not as whole characters,” the official press release adds. The publishers, Tom Léger and Riley MacLeod, have been making work with transgender artists since 2002, and this anthology will be the debut literary title released by them. “We want to be a part of the boom of transgender expression and culture that’s happening in the U.S. right now,” says Léger. “Transgender people deserve great art.” Léger and MacLeod previously wrote and co-produced several lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-based film projects, some of which were spotlighted by the Daily Kos in May. Topside Press is the only book publisher specifically focused on transgender fiction. It recently hosted a free unofficial Lambda Literary Awards after-party to celebrate the inclusion of specific transgender fiction and transgender non-fiction categories in the awards ceremony for the first time, as opposed to a general “transgender” category. The winners of this year’s awards included Zoe Whittall for her novel Holding Still For as Long as Possible and Noach Dzmura, editor of Balancing on the Mechitza: Transgender in Jewish Community. Trans activist Kate Bornstein also won in the category of LGBT Anthology for Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation, and in LGBT Studies, Gayle Salamon’s Assuming a Body: Transgender and Rhetorics of Materiality won in a tie with another book. The deadline for submissions to the upcoming anthology is August 31, 2011. Manuscripts should be less than 10,000 words and previously unpublished, and can be submitted at this link. GLAAD applauds Topside Press for its mission to ensure accurate representations of transgender people in literature, and we encourage our readers to contribute to the project and repost it widely!