Film "Children of God" Explores Anti-Gay Attitudes in the Bahamas

Against the scenic backdrop of the Bahamas, a beautiful but tragic love story unfolds. In Children of God, Johnny (Johnny Ferro), a skinny and awkward art student, and Romeo (Stephen T. Williams), a buff outgoing islander, form a friendship and fall in love on the tropical island of Eleuthera.Their romance takes a turn when the intolerance of family members, community leaders and neighbors surface. Voices of reason and acceptance emerge within the church and family and among friends. For instance, Reverend Ritchie (Van Brown), a soft-spoken and compassionate man who challenges the intolerance of others, and Johnny's father (Craig Pinder) who later supports his son. Expanding his 2007 short film titled “Float,” Bahamian writer and director Kareem Mortimer felt like he had a responsibility to reflect the reality that he was living in. Just months before filming, several gay men were killed in one of the movie’s key locations. With an outstanding cast and breathtaking filmography, Children of God captures the importance of love, acceptance of others and acceptance of self. The winner of 14 prestigious awards, including audience awards and jury prizes in Spain, Italy, Trinidad and Tobago, Atlanta and New York, Children of God made its theatrical premiere at the Quad Cinema in New York City on May 20 through May 26. The film will then be released on DVD on June 7.