Dr. Drew Interviews Don Lemon

On Friday, May 20, Dr. Drew Pinsky interviewed CNN anchor Don Lemon about coming out publicly as a gay man. In the interview, Dr. Drew asked Lemon about the cultural significance of being an openly gay black man. Lemon addressed the lack of visibility of LGBT people of color  in media, an ongoing issue that Don Lemon’s story brings attention to. "Being gay and being African American has special significance—and being public. You’re going to become an important figure…"  Dr. Drew noted. Lemon challenged Dr. Drew and viewers to name five high profile African Americans who’ve come out in the last ten years. Dr. Drew went on to discuss the role of religion as well as the stigma against and importance of receiving mental health treatment. Don Lemon responded, “We need to talk about those things. You know as a psychologist that in order to heal anything or fix anything, you have to talk about it.” GLAAD applauds Dr. Drew for his sensitivity and acknowledgement of Don Lemon’s personal coming out experience.