Associated Press Article Highlights Bisexual Struggle for Recognition

In an article that has been picked up by many California news outlets, the Associated Press highlighted the struggles bisexual people face in being visible within the LGBT movement. “Bisexuals work for recognition in LGBT rainbow” features the story of Lindasusan Ulrich, author of the report Bisexual Invisibility: Impacts and Recommendations, who is in a 13-year committed relationship with her wife who is also bisexual.  The article also includes insights from Johnny Fesenko, host of Bi Bar, a monthly dance party for bisexual people and allies in San Francisco, Denise Penn, Director of the American Institute of Bisexuality , Adrienne Williams, founder of the Bi Social Network,  and longtime bisexual activists Heidi Green and Robyn Ochs. The article brought together informed experts who echoed what Heidi Green told the reporter:
"People really believe that bisexuality is covered by either gay issues or straight issues, so... you don't need to worry about the whole middle thing," said Heidi Green, a diversity trainer who co-conducted the [Out & Equal survey on bisexuality in the workplace]. "Yet there are huge issues for bisexuals. When I ask people if they are out at work, the answer is almost universally 'no.' And because we don't have really strong community, there is a tendency to believe the issues you have in your life are unique to you, there is something wrong with you."
We applaud the Associated Press and author Lisa Leff for penning an inclusive representation of bisexual people and activism. GLAAD encourages other media outlets to follow Leff’s example in sharing stories of bisexual people that highlight the issues facing our community and paint an accurate picture of our lives.