Uganda Anti-Gay Bill Moving Forward in Parliament

Uganda’s anti-gay bill which mandates a death penalty for gay men and women is moving forward in Parliament and might come to a vote within the next week. The proposed law would also call for the imprisonment of gay rights advocates. (Full text of the proposed law can be found here.) Although the bill had been “shelved” for over a year at committee level, today the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee started holding public hearings on the bill. Parliament has less than a week to close its current session, and if the bill is not passed before then, it has to be reintroduced in the next parliament. This means that if parliament plans on passing the bill, then it must be done before next week is out. The Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law, a group of 28 Ugandan civil society organizations whose primary mission is to defeat the bill, will speak before the committee on Monday, May 9th. GLAAD will continue to closely monitor media coverage of the legislation.