Google Premieres Touching "It Gets Better" Themed Ad During Glee

Many companies have shown their support for LGBT youth through self-produced "It Gets Better" videos that have been widely circulated on the internet, but Google went a step further on Tuesday night when it aired a television commercial during last night's episode of Glee - some of the most prime TV real estate - that directly linked their new browser "Google Chrome" to the "It Gets Better" campaign. In a moving advertisement that paid tribute to founder Dan Savage and traced the campaign's origins to some of its more recent iterations (including appearances by Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, Anne Hathaway, and Woody from Toy Story), Google managed to both show off its new browser's features while retaining the emotionally moving message of the many videos it features clips from. Binary Data 7skPnJOZYdA GLAAD applauds Google for producing a commercial spot that faithfully highlights the original message of hope and support for LGBT youth, while also directly aligning their own brand with it.  When so many other companies remain hesitant to even feature LGBT people and storylines in their own mainstream advertising, Google has gone above and beyond. You can see many of the videos featured in the Google spot in our previous blog round-up.