Lesbian Drama, the Good Kind: New Mun2 Show Features Gay Story-line

Mun2, the youth-oriented channel that is part of Telemundo (owned by NBC Universal) recently began airing a novela with characters who speak Spanish but whose dialogue is also subtitled in English. The show features a same-sex couple. “Los Aparicio” tells the story of a family of strong and well-to-do women who live and love in Mexico City. Among them is Julia Aparicio (Liz Gallardo) who runs a catering business with best friend Mariana Torres (Eréndira Ibarra) who is in a same-sex relationship. In the episode that aired April 21, her girlfriend accuses Mariana of having a crush on Julia. Mariana at first denies the feelings but then fesses up, although not before sweetly kissing her soon to be ex goodbye. The show aired in Mexico in 2010 and while we haven’t watched the entire series, a quick visit to YouTube or afterellen.com makes clear that the ladies will have a lot more in common than their catering business. This is a romance that English and Spanish speakers can follow. The upcoming series RPM, also on Mun2, will include a bisexual character and continue Mun2’s efforts to create content that can be accessed by Spanish and English-speaking Latinos. RPM premieres May 1.