15 Most Powerful Gay Celebrities Of Color

To mark the 25th anniversary of GLAAD, which will be celebrated at the GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles on April 10, MSN’s Wonderwall took a look at some of the most powerful gay men and women in media. While the list was full of talented celebrities like talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, musician Elton John and actress Jane Lynch, their “Countdown: Most Powerful Gay Celebrities” did not include any people of color. The list’s lack of diversity is representative of the ongoing problem of limited gay and transgender visibility in minority communities. In response, Gay Black Male News (GBM News), an online news resource for LGBT people of color, comprised a list of notable celebrities of color. Comedian Margaret Cho, pro-basketball player Sheryl Swoopes and designer Jason Wu were just a few who made their round-up. Their top five picks included Emory University HIV/AIDS researcher Dr. David Malebranche, author and commenter Keith Boykin, director and screenwriter Patrik-Ian Polk, singer Ricky Martin and author Everett Lynn Harris (pictured above). GLAAD applauds Gay Black Male News for expanding MSN’s countdown. To see their full list, visit GBMNews.com.